The Empower YOU Movement

So we have hinted at our upcoming collaboration with the magical SpiritHoods in the past and now it has finally arrived! We have teamed up with this amazing brand to promote self empowerment, inner beauty and the fierceness that lies within! One lucky winner will win a Delikate Rayne 4-in-1 tank of their choice AND a SpiritHood of their choosing! We will have you drippin swagoo!!

Delikate Rayne and Spirithoods have teamed up for a fantastical collaboration giveaway! We are joining forces to create a movement based on the empowerment of YOU! That's right, we are allowing our fans the chance to win a Delikate Rayne 4-in-1 tank and a Spirithood by joining us in our movement. We are calling upon all of our fans to join together and help us spread our message far and wide! Tying into both Delikate Rayne and Spirithoods statements of motivation, inner power and strength, Delikate Rayne and Spirithoods is proud to present, the "Empower YOU Movement"! Empowering yourself and helping to empower others allows your shine within to sparkle the brightest! Please join us in our movement and let us know what moves you?

"The Empower YOU Movement" CONTEST GUIDELINES:

In order to enter, shine and join the "Empower YOU Movement", please follow the steps below:

1. "LIKE " BOTH Delikate Rayne and Spirithoods on Facebook.

2. Share the word/quote/phrase that empowers you or motivates you to make a difference the most, on a daily basis or overall in your life! Leave your answer as a comment on the Delikate Rayne Facebook fan page.

3. You MUST TAG Spirithoods in your comment on the Delikate Rayne fan Facebook page.

4. Click on the "Email Sign Up" tab on both the Delikate Rayne and Spirithoods fan pages and subscribe to both email newsletters with a valid email address.

5. Have fun, spread the sparkle and encourage others to join you as a part of the "Empower YOU Movement"!

We are excited to say that this contest is open to ANY registered Facebook user (U.S. and international, but the latter will be responsible for any and all custom fees). All entries must have completed ALL REQUIRED steps in order to be eligible to win. Entries with steps missing will be void. Delikate Rayne and Spirithoods will pick a winner based on whose entry hits closest to our hearts and have all required steps completed! The contest ends on Wednesday August 10, 2011 and we will announce a winner shortly thereafter. Good luck!! Ready, Set, Sparkle, Share...
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